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Items listed here may also be linked from other pages within this web site, but this is the primary link to most of CaneSIG's resources.

Items are NOT always cross-indexed, and my idea of an index term may not be yours, so look for alternate terms if you don't find something immediately.

Items directly linked from this page may open into a new window without navigation tools. Please close the new window after viewing to return to this page.

The Image Collection extends this list in almost every category. Use simple search terms and sort through the results for photos, drawings, etc. There is, for example, a link on this page to a recent article on Java; using Java or Isugar as the search term will provide links to a number of Indonesian steam and diesel era photos.

CaneSIG is a free resource for modellers of the world's sugar cane railways. Please contact the Coordinator if you have resources that you would like to share.

Materials have been provided by modellers and enthusiasts for the personal use of other modellers only. Please do not abuse this privilege; contact the copyright holders for any other use.

Site/content copyright © A C Lynn Zelmer or as marked.

CaneSIG is one of the rail heritage and modelling sites hosted by ZelmerOz.com.

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