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These listings are the result of many hours of YouTube searching since March 2018. Links were live at that time (both YouTube and individual contributors withdraw materials from time to time); descriptions, etc., have been edited from the contributors' YouTube notes.

While care has been taken to ensure correctness at time of preparation, it is the responsibility of the viewer to practice good computer hygiene/ security. No responsibility can be undertaken for omissions or inclusions, including in the notes; and different search criteria or timing might produce a quite different listing.

The inclusion of any individual item or series is not an endorsement of the material, nor is the ommission of something an indication of anything other than I haven't yet seen it. Materials are ordered by country, and where possible all items in a series have been grouped together.

Each entry includes the item's YouTube title and url, the name (or alias) of the filmmaker or contributor, the date of posting to YouTube, and a [possibly edited] description.

Copy/paste the url into your browser or search for the title within YouTube.

    Lynn Zelmer, April 2018

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CaneSIG is one of the rail heritage and modelling sites hosted by ZelmerOz.com or QldRailHeritage.com.

Selected images from Hans Hufnagel's 1985 Philippine cane railway slideshow.

Selected images from Hans Hufnagel's 1985 Philippine cane railway slideshow. This mp4 slideshow is not from YouTube, but is one of a small number of videos available direct from ZelmerOz.

Video listings by country/region and type (will open in new window)

Queensland Rail: Passenger, coal and general freight, both current and historic.

Other Queensland mainline: tba

Urban Trams: Primarily historic material.

Queensland sugar cane: primarily rail operations (overall and by mill), also mill tour, harvesting and road transport.

Overseas sugar cane and narrow gauge: steam and non-steam, but no tourist railway promotion.

Modelling Techniques: some basics as well as sugar cane, narrow gauge or Queensland related.

last updated: 26 April 2018.