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Above: A selection of sugar cane railway images from Cuba, Egypt, Fiji, Java, Hawaii, and Queensland. These and other images can be found in the Image Collection..

The Basics articles (right) form a 'Handbook' for the novice modeller, providing both background information and 'how to' resources. In general they were written by the CaneSIG coordinator and reflect both the progress of his personal modelling and the solving of a number of modelling issues (eg modelling cane).

These articles have generally been saved as pdf files, optimised for downloading. All photographs and other images were produced by, and are © by, the author(s) or the editor unless otherwise indicated.

New items are being added on an irregular basis and older items are occasionally revised or updated.

The other articles originated as modelling convention notes. They've typically been revised to optimise download time and include descriptive text, colour photographs, scale drawings, etc.

All items can be downloaded and printed for non-commercial use. Materials have been provided by modellers and enthusiasts for the personal use of other modellers only. Please do not abuse this privilege; contact the copyright holders for any other use.

Additional materials oriented more to modelling QGR/QR can be found on the Modelling the Railways of Queensland (MRQC) web site.

Acknowledgment: These notes are dedicated to the many modellers, railfans and historians who have assisted me in beginning to understand cane railways and their modelling, particularly those who have contributed so selflessly to the resources on this web site.

   Lynn Zelmer

Modelling Cane Railway Basics

By Lynn Zelmer et al: 01 Introduction; 02 Queensland's Sugar Industry; 03 Engineering and Operations; 04 Modelling; 05 Creating the ANGRMS Dioramas; 06 Modelling Sugar Cane Part 1; 07 Portable Cane Track; 08 Modelling the Bundaberg Jenbach 0-6-0 Diesel; 09 Modifying the Colonial Baldwin 0-4-0; 10 Wholestick Cane Truck; 11 Kitbashing Freelance Wagons/Bins; 12 Modelling Challenges; 13 Resources; 14 Scale/Gauge Choices; 15 Comeng 'G' Inspired On30 loco; 16 Modelling Sugar Cane Part 2; 17 Modelling Palm Trees; 18 4 Wheel Box Wagon; 19 Large Scale Cane Wagons; 20 Novice HO Cane Train; 21 On30 Diorama; 22 Navo (Fiji) Navvy Car; 23 HOn30 Wholestick Truck; 24 Laser Cutting Intro; 25 On30 Tourist Railway Carriage; 26 Working Cuban Cane Loader; 27 Modelling Sugar Cane (Couch Grass); 28 Modelling Netherdale; 29 3D Printing: HOn30 Cane Trucks; 30 Modelling a Mill Interior; 31 Card Modelling (and 2011 NG Convention modelling competition details); 32 Modelling Coolum (B-B DH) in 7mm; 33 Cuban Bogie Cane Wagons; 34 Queensland Cane Locos in HO; 35 Modelling the Caledonian Collieries Rail Tractor; 36 Sugar Cane using Wire Armatures; 37 Steve Pettit's On30 Lomo Lomo Fijian Cane Tramway; 38 Kitbashing Card Model Kits [Clever];

Modern Cane Railways of Queensland

By Carl Millington: 01 Background; 02 Trackwork; 03 Cuttings and Tunnels; 04 Bridges; 05 Level Crossings; 06 Diamond Crossings, etc.; 07 Sidings; 08 Mill Layouts, etc.; 09 Odds and Ends; 10 Couplings; 11 Cane Bins, etc.; 12 Locomotives; 13 Brakevans, etc.; 14 Track Maintenance; 15 Navvy Wagons; 16 QR's Involvement; 17 References, etc.

Passenger Trains on the Narrower Gauge

By Greg Stephenson and David Mewes: 01 Introduction; 02 Modelling

Modelling Loco Depots

By Jim Hutchinson: 01 Overview & Cattle Creek Loco Shed; 02 Traffic Office & Operation; 03 The Out-Depot; 04 Wallaville Loco Shed; 05 Quanaba Mill Loco Sheds; 06 Model Construction Notes; 07 Conclusion

Goods Traffic on Cane and Shire Tramways

By Greg Stephenson: 01 Shire Tramways; 02 Sugar Industry; 03 References

Goods Handling Facilities

By Jim Hutchinson and Jim Fainges, Jim: 1 Intro - 2 Cream - 3 Simple - 4 Larger - 5 Through - 6 Non-Standard - 7 Private - 8 Yard Crane - 9 Handling - 10 Monto.

MRQC Modelling Notebook

(An occasional series): Fettler's Shed -- Jacaranda Trees -- QR Paw Paw locomotive -- Export Coal -- QR at Spring Bluff 2017 -- QR's Brisbane Valley line in the 1960s.

Copyright © A C Lynn Zelmer or the contributor as appropriate. Last updated: 16 June 2021 [lz]; e-mail: Lynn @