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Queensland profile card kits for free download

All files are in optimised pdf format and contained in one download file for multipage kits, please note file sizes for estimating download times.

Models are primarily supplied in O scale (1:48), however they can be rescaled during printing to build models in any scale from N to O. [1:48 to 1:64 = 75% (S), 1:48 to 1:87 = 55% (HO), 1:48 to 1:164 = 29% (N)]

Traditionally card models do not come with complex modelling instructions. However the design and construction of several of my photorealistic models have featured in Narrow Gauge Downunder magazine (NGDU).

If necessary, card models can be built using a single-sided razor blade, a cutting board and a glue stick. However using a sharp-pointed scalpel blade, steel straight edge, self-healing cutting board and good quality white glue will result in a much better model.

Most kits are set up to be easy to cut out doors, windows and other details and apply them in layers to create a 3D effect. While any of the kits can result in quite reasonable models at normal viewing distance, newer photorealistic kits include weathering and other details that enhance the appearance.

Card models are great for attracting new modellers into the hobby. Several times I've built a Moreton bin (with minimal tools) in a couple of hours at local train shows while talking to visitors... then given tham away to young viewers, along with a print of the Comeng diesel.

I've also kit-bashed commercially available card buildings, both through computer modification and using more traditional modelling techniques, as well as designing my own unique models. Several of my photo-realistic card buildings can be found on the Capricorn Sugar Rail Museum (CSRM) site.

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Download and print to create inexpensive models...

Photorealistic Texture Kits

These models were created by Lynn Zelmer for his own use and several have featured in Narrow Gauge Downunder magazine. They've been posted here so that other modellers can take advantage of the time and effort required to create a unique Queensland model.

Note that instructions are minimal and some of these kits may require advanced scratchbuilding or kitbashing skills.

CWA Cottage, O scale: low profile background model (556 Kb), full kit (1.4 Mb).

Buderim Shire Tramway carriages and wagons: Coach (HO scale, 229 Kb), (O scale, 209 Kb); Guards' Van (HO scale, 221 Kb), (O scale, 573 Kb).

Garden shed (O scale, 172 Kb); brick toilet block (O scale, 242 Kb); timber picnic tables (O scale, 258 Kb); 20' container (O scale, 422 Kb).

Moreton Mill's River Store: Lunch Room with sand dryer (O scale, 1.2 Mb), dryer shed (O scale, 737 Kb).

QR 32' timber camp wagon: HO scale (721 Kb) - O scale (1.5 Mb).

QR style cream shed (O scale, 250 Kb); QR style fettler's shed (O scale; 594 Kb), QR style small halt (station) (O scale, 451 Kb); QR small communications shed (O scale, 180 Kb); QR Goods Shed (O scale, 3.5Mb) (Yeppoon 18' x 30'); CQ Pineapple Bins (O scale, 209Kb)(Yeppoon) .

Queensland-style cottage: HO scale (564 Kb) - O scale (1.1 Mb).

Queensland-style Country Hotel: Lattice screen (5'6" x 7'9" (O scale, 131 Kb); two story hotel (O scale low profile background model; WARNING: Unmodified first build components for experienced card modellers only, 12 pages, 1.9Mb).

Saw Tooth Roof Industrial Building: (O scale, low profile background model with potential for full depth model, 5 pages, 598 Kb). Designed for Brisbane modeller Arthur Hayes.

Small Loco Shed based on Fiji prototype CI line car shed. O scale, 9 pages 1.6Mb). Pilot project for a larger loco shed.

Traditional Card Kits

These kits were created by the late Jim Fainges of Brisbane, one of a number of Queenslanders who have modelled extensively using card, and his son Keith under the LADNDAD Models label. Models posted with permission.

Queensland sugar cane (O scale): Fairymead Mill's 4w Comeng cane loco (831 Kb); 4 Ton cane bins (Moreton and Plane Creek mills, 3.8 Mb).

Queensland Structures (O scale): General notes and instructions (778 Kb); Bootmaker's shop (2.1 Mb); Windsor two story corner shop (20.9 Mb); Qakey post office (2.3 Mb); St Martin's Anglican Church (partial kit, HO only, 532 Kb); Queensland Police station (3.7 Mb) and single lockup (2.5 Mb); State school (3.2 Mb); town hall (2.4 Mb); petrol station (10 Mb); warehouse (1.3 Mb); Springhill worker's cottage (1.5 Mb); farm house (1.4 Mb) and Guldop cottage (2.2 Mb).

QR/QGR (O scale): small station (1.1 Mb); small halt (shelter shed, 4.4 Mb); fettler's trackside shed (1.2 Mb); water tank (344 Kb); backyard earth closet (2.2 Mb); engine shed (4.4 Mb); goods shed (3.5 Mb); fettler's cottage, open porch (4.1 Mb) or enclosed (3.2 Mb).

Texture sheets (O scale): corrugated iron (1.1 Mb); chamfer board (291 Kb); weatherboard (279 Kb); brick (2.1 Mb); stone (3.2 Mb).

last updated: 27 December 2022.