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Cane Tram Notes are a continuing series of articles on topics relating to the sugar cane industry in Australia and overseas. Edited by Lynn Zelmer, and hopefully well researched, they are intended to provide background information for historians, rail enthusiasts and tourists.

ctn_01.pdf: The Future of the Sugar Industry (2003) [224 Kb]

ctn_02.pdf: Douglas Shire Tramway Train Control Staff [224 Kb]

ctn_03.pdf: Portable Track [300 Kb]

ctn_04.pdf: Victoria Mill (Ingham, Qld) [992 Kb] over the Years

ctn_05.pdf: Bundaberg Fowler Steam Locomotives [1.7 Mb]

ctn_06.pdf: Diary: Bundy's Last Great Adventure [652 Kb]

ctn_07.pdf: Mechanical Sugar Cane Harvesters [1.4 Mb]

ctn_08.pdf: Sugar Cane Railways in Cuba, 2003 [800 Kb]

ctn_09.pdf: Fiji Over the Years - 1963-2008 [2.6 Mb]

ctn_10.pdf: Rail Safety: An Introduction, 2008 [1.3 Mb]

ctn_11.pdf: Goondi Mill Inquest, 1922 [1.4 Mb]

ctn_12.pdf: Baguley and Baguley-Drewry 2 ft gauge diesels supplied to sugar mills in Queensland and Fiji [303 Kb]

ctn_13.pdf: Historical Notes: Mossman District/Mossman Central Mill, from the Ted Ward Collection [528 Kb]

ctn_14.pdf: Historical Notes: Vilele Plantation, from the Ted Ward Collection [160 Kb]

ctn_15.pdf: A Visit to Central Azucarera de Tarlac (Luzon Island, Philippines) by Hans Hufnagel, 1985 [1.6 Mb]

ctn_16.pdf: Oahu Sugar Company, Waikane Hawaii, compiled by Nicholas Kalis, 2014 [1.3 Mb]

ctn_17.pdf: Australian Canefield Locomotives (petrol/diesel) 2004, compiled by Chris Walters on Geocities [791 Mb]

last updated: 5 March 2016.