Museum layout, plan view animation
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Welcome to the Capricorn Sugar Rail Museum

Module 1: 20" x 24", 8.5" curves, continuous operation in a counter-clockwise direction but taking the line to the next module if operated in a clockwise direction. Contains the control unit for continuous back and forth running to the other modules.

Module 2: 16" x 24", a through line providing distance between modules and museum display space. Some of Capricorn Sugar Mill's buildings are located beyond the fence along the back of this module.

Module 3: 20" x 24", 8.5" curves, with engine facilities, turntable, locomotive display area and farm siding display. Contains the termination of the back and forth automatic running unit.

Capricorn Sugar is a fictitious mill crushing cane from the coastal area of Central Queensland. This fictitious mill operates a railway based on Queensland shire and sugar practice, transporting cane, sugar, molasses and other trains for the mill as well as passenger and general freight services for the local shire.

The three modules comprising the On30 micro-layout (photos above) represent the museum sponsored by the mill and feature equipment and structures donated by the mill, the shire and its residents.

While two of the three modules have subsequently been dismantled, construction has begun on a series of small modules more suited to travel by public transport. See the construction section for basic details. While built to a different form factor the new modules will still be able to connect to the remaining (leftmost above) original module when desired.

[The Capricorn Sugar Rail Museum is a project of Lynn Zelmer, Queensland model builder and author. He is also the coordinator for CaneSIG, the sugar cane modeller's Special Interest Group and manages the online rail heritage image library containing over 11,000 images.]