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This album provides access to a collection of images related to rail and tramway operations in Queensland (Australia) and elsewhere.
    The collection began with my own private photos but has been extended through the kind efforts of a number of individuals, plus members of groups such as the Australian Narrow gauge Railway Museum Society, the Australian Sugar Cane Railway, CaneSIG and QldRailHeritage.com.
    The collection now has more than 10,000 images from roughly 100 photographers and draughtsmen.

A 2009 listing of the images in the collection, with URLs (300 pages, 884 Kb pdf file) is available.

    All images are copyrighted and are provided for non-commercial use only. Please contact the photographers/owners and/or myself (e-mail address below) for any other use.

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The collection includes images of trains, locomotives, rolling stock, buildings and their environment. You can search for specific or general types, manufacturers, locations, etc. Do not include more than one term in a search.

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