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Selected images, assorted photographers.
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Modelling with card: basic tips (pdf file, Handbook article).

Index to card models of Queensland type structures, rolling stock, etc., including Jim Fainges' complete Queensland collection and Lynn Zelmer's collection to date.

Jim Fainges' Scale Drawings of selected Queensland buildings (808 Kb), and the full set of buildings (6.3 Mb) from the 1990s Turntable newsletter.

Individual drawings may also be accessed through the search function of the online rail heritage image library (use drawing as a search term). Jim's other building kits are available in his semi-commercial LanNdad (CD) series.

If you are primarily interested in loco drawings you need to be aware that the late Jim Fainges often did not have field dimensions, but prepared his drawings from photos using photogrammetric techniques. While they are the only drawings we have in many instances, and I have personally found them quite reasonable for modelling purposes, they may not be good enough for an accurate model of a specific locomotive.

Link to the Rail Heritage Image Library

Zelmer, Lynn and others. Almost two and a half decades of NGDU magazine articles include modelling a QR fettler's shed, timber frame camp wagon, and Queensland country hotel; and a variety of sugar cane railway (locos, rolling stock and infrastructure) topics.

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Miscellaneous Notes/Links

Presentation/clinic notes from related conventions, published articles, etc., (chronological order, most recent first). These representative materials are all © copyright by the authors and have been posted for non-commercial use only.

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