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Queensland's Railways/Tramways and Rail Operators

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Tramway is the term used in Queensland until the late 20th Century to refer to rail operations owned by Shire governments or private companies such as the sugar mills. While originally railway referred only to the government-owned main line, today almost anything running on rails is a railway.

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  • QGR/QR/QR National/Aurizon: The original and dominant 1067mm 'mainline' railway. Queensland Rail was founded in 1865, currently operates SE Qld's CityTrains, long distance and tourist trains across Qld, and is responsible for 6500km of track and other infrastructure. Aurizon, a publicly listed company, is "Australia's largest rail freight operator, moving coal, iron ore, agricultural freight and more across the nation."
  • Pacific National: Operates containerised traffic in the main north-south coastal corridor, and operates rail services in several other states.
  • Sugar Mills: Most of the Queensland sugar mills hauled at least some of their sugar cane and/or raw sugar by rail. Generally 610mm (2') gauge, mill railways were found all along the Queensland coast from the NSW border to north of Cairns.
  • Smaller Operators: Railco, the Savanahlander and others have scheduled tourist-oriented services on QR or ex-QR trackage.
  • Heritage Operators: A variety of organisations, including QR, operate heritage railway services on QR track, generally on an occasional basis, although Mary Valley runs several services each week on dedicated ex-QR track. Museums and related organisations (ANGRMS, Archer Park, ASCR, Whistlestop, etc.) provide regular railfan/tourist-oriented services, typically either weekly or monthly, on dedicated trackage.
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