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ascr Fowler locos

CSRM's circular 'tourist' loop and separate loco shed line was directly inspired by the Australian Sugar Cane Railway, an operating museum, in Bundaberg's Botanical Gardens.

The Illawarra Light Railway Museum Society operation at Albion Park, NSW has a similar circular operation, but lacks the direct involvement of the sugar mills, as does the Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, located on the ex-QR branch line that ran through Woodford.

Goto: Sugar in the News: newspaper clippings, reports, etc.

pdf thumbnail Download: Getting Started in On30 - a four page handout (pdf file) from the 2010 Brisbane Train Show describing the layout, its construction and operation.

The A5 handout briefly describes the Capricorn Sugar Rail Museum, the rational for choosing On30 as a modelling scale/gauge, basic construction and operating details, costs, etc.

Download: Assembles to an A4 three-sided poster from the 2011 CSRM display at the 10th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention.

Link to NGDU web site Download: Getting Started with On30: Capricorn Sugar Rail Museum Part 1 in Narrow Gauge Down Under magazine, July 2011.

Download: Getting Started with On30: Capricorn Sugar Rail Museum Part 2 in Narrow Gauge Down Under magazine, October 2011.

Download: Getting Started with On30: Capricorn Sugar Rail Museum Part 3 in Narrow Gauge Down Under magazine, January 2012.

Goto: Listing of Queensland/cane-related articles in Narrow Gauge Down Under magazine (listing on the CaneSIG site).

Download 1 (drawings) and Download 2 (prototype photos): Large posters (pdf files) of passenger carriages, etc., for Moving People on the Queensland's Tramways, prepared for a Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention.

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