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'Special Needs' class notes: Introduction/Welcome -- Shibashi (I, II and X) -- Levels 1-3 -- Tao Yin (Heart Calming) -- Rod Ferguson's 5 Animals (all illustrated pdf files).

Newsletter notes (1 page each): Balancing the Chi -- Puppets Hung fron a String -- Doing or Not Doing -- Getting Started -- Controlled by the Waist -- Evaluating Risk/Pain -- Related Forms -- Summer Break Exercises --

Warm-up and Shibashi exercises as well as Levels 1-3 of the tai chi set. This hour long program is a web version of 2004 videotape prepared for Rockhampton 60 & Better classes: mp4 video (large video file). Except for some changes of style and skill over the intervening years these sets remain one of the core elements of our classes.

AATC Music CDs, Instructional DVDs, etc

Details from the Queensland Branch web site; phone your order to Brisbane with a credit card number (07 3358 1955).


Specific resource links on the Balance Bar link below.

Chinese Yoga Staff

Specific resources on the Chinese Staff link below.

Tai Chi on YouTube

Several varieties of tai chi have developed over the centuries, and everyone's personal style is going to be slightly unique. The videos on YouTube cover many aspects of tai chi and qigong practice, this selection demonstrates the breadth of AATC practice and should help you improve your personal practice.

AATC Grandmaster Gary Khor: Tai Chi Flute and Fan (4:02).

AATC Master Rod Ferguson: Lotus (2:50), Extended Beginner's class (11:15, WTCD), Falls (2:04), Sword (4:51), Fan 1 (2:50), Fan 2 (3:20), Wild Goose Qigong Qigong (5:56), Flute (4:53), Pole (2:22).

Non-AATC: Beginner Movements (4:26), Levels 1 & 2 (7:10, ignore Pole demo), Lotus (2:10), Shibashi 1 Qigong (23:39, similar movements, faster with more repetitions).

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