A C Lynn Zelmer, PhD

Lynn through the years.

BEd (University of Alberta at Calgary), MS (AudioVisual Education, Stout State University, Wisconsin), PhD (Education, University of Queensland); Honorary Life Member, National Tertiary Education Union; Life Member, Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Society; and Life Member, National Model Railroad Association.

Lynn -- Personal

I have variously worked as a photographer, media producer, trainer, teacher, academic and consultant in Canada, Australia, and several overseas countries. My first major job was teaching building construction to disadvantaged youths. Subsequently I've taught/trained at every level of formal education, including supervising post-graduate students, and within the non-formal and community education sectors.

I've developed a wide variety of training resources and used the media for community education (eg over a decade of weekly programs on the effects of computers and information technology for Australia's ABC radio). Throughout my working life I've been involved with the application of technology to teaching/training. Thus I've developed tape slide presentations for workers cleaning up after an oil spill, interactive television programs on community planning, simulations and games for village level health workers, computer-based learning materials for nurses, on-line interactive resources for university students and public education, and museum exhibits. I've also managed to successful make the transition from still typewriter, photography and film-making to computers and digital image creation for computer-based presentations and digital artwork.

Retired from fulltime employment, my current 'work' includes being a formal 'carer', managing a small museum web site and editing two rail museum newsletters, model building and writing regular articles for an Australian model building magazine, developing multimedia/computer art projects, and teaching tai chi.

Some indication of my interests can be found on this and related web sites,and a partial set of my publications can be found in the archives.

    Memories" images from travels and activities.

    CaneSIG: resources for the modeller of sugar cane railways.

    TaiChi: AATC in Rockhampton.

    Archives: selected papers and presentations, etc.

    Railway Resources: Rails around the world (narrow gauge, timber/logging, etc.)

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