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South Pacific totem located at Capricorn International Resort, Yeppoon

Photography has been one of the continuing interests in my life and early on I became very interested in the idea of a photo essay... one or more images that present a theme for further exploration. My involvement in rail heritage museum and other presentations over the last several decades also led to some of the photo essays being created as display posters.

Most of the individual images were originally created and printed on 8" x 10" cards for framing or mounting. They were then scaled to 50% for use as note cards (the size most often presented here). Some of the images were created as A3 posters, others as posters sized for specific locations or topics.

Each individual image in this selection can hopefully stand on it's own, although several are related and expand an individual theme.

Above: South Pacific totem located at Capricorn International Resort, Yeppoon.

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Selected memory images

Above: Selected memory series images.






Sri Lanka

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