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In 2016 I joined a local printmaking group and am now focussing more on digital art, rather than interpretive posters.

As well, after a hiatus of almost 50 years, I've returned to hand cut lino printing.

Design pattern:
phoenix_dragon pattern

Print variation (var 6):

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Neighbourhood, CPI's 10th Annual Exhibition: Walter Reid Centre, October/November 2021 -- Incarcerated. Unique | Hand printed lino and digital techniques with hand-cut decoupage printed on acid free paper.

The multi-layered print combines hand printed lino and digital techniques with hand-cut decoupage to provide a sombre glimpse of the world beyond our current political barriers and public health regulations.

Double Exposure 2021: Walter Reid Centre, August 2021 with Mark Collins, photographer -- Iron Pot Locality Panorama | Lynn Zelmer, 2021 | Digital print and Lynn Zelmer Portrait | Lynn Zelmer, 2021 | Digital print

1000 pce jigsaw
1000 pce Jigsaw commercially printed from Iron Pot Panorama image




Singularity: Walter Reid Centre, October 2018 -- Yeppoon Goods Shed; Decoupage (mixed media) on acid free media, frameless 50.8 x 25.4cm. An experiment using posterisation of low resolution images and photorealistic digital images on art papers. The project started with a promise to develop a model of the Goods Shed for a local model railway buff. Implementation involved researching the history of the railway precinct as well as exploring printing quality on a variety of acid free media.

Riverfest 2018 (Rockhampton): Crocodile print from lino block for CPI free public workshop.

Krabtastic 2018 (Keppel Sands): Crab print and lino block for CPI free public workshop.

Double Exposure III (2018): Double Exposure exhibitions partner a printmaker with a local photographer. My 2018 partner, Joan Tomkins, provided a selection of brolga images taken on a recent vacation. Our works focussed on one brolga's eye: exhibition print (A2 posterised digital print on acid free paper, edition of 1 based on 2017 photograph at Longreach), eye detail and promotional poster (image also used for greeting cards).

Origins: Walter Reid Centre Member's Exhibition (Feb 2018) -- Dragon and Phoenix lino block to be printed with yin-yang symbol in background and several colour variations. Promotional poster

Railway Workshops, Rockhampton: Interpretive poster (originally 600 x 900mm) using archival and modern imagery of QR's heritage listed railway workshops in Rockhampton, Queensland. Archival images are from Railways of Australia NETWORK and the Jack Ilott Collection, modern images by the printmaker.


Psychedelic Pachyderms: A 2017 CPI project where I moved from my first linoprint in almost 50 years, a variation, to the 15cm x 15cm three plate exhibition print (from Artist's Proof).

Geologica 2017: Capricornia Printmakers' 2017 themed exhibition -- my print, Rainbow Falls, Blackdown Tablelands 1995, aligned, adjusted and blended roughly 8 of the 37 photos of the falls and environs I had taken on a 1995 trip to create the framed image in this 120 x 60cm digital poster. 1995 was an exceptional year as the Tablelands are arid enough that many visitors have never seen water over the falls. The sunbathers were discovered during the printmaking and preserved to provide a scale for the falls. Poster.

Double Exposure II (2017): Double Exposure exhibitions partner a printmaker with a local photographer. My 2017 partner, Fran McFadzen, had recently been to Hanoi and was intrigued by its many interesting doors, grills, gates and building entries. We combined that interest with her photos of local doors and lanes to produce the Rockhampton and Hanoi posterised triptych print. More: Double Exposure II worklog with images. Home. Site/content copyright © A C Lynn Zelmer or as marked. Last updated: 9 November 2021 [lz]; e-mail: Lynn @