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The collection includes images of trains, locomotives, rolling stock, buildings and their environment. You can search for specific or general types, manufacturers, locations, etc. The search routine is very simple. Do not use quote marks, etc. Do not include more than one term in a search.

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Manufacturers/types: 0-4-0T, 0-6-0, 0-6-0D, 0-6-0S, 0-6-0T, 0-6-2T, avonside, baguley, baldwin, barclay, BCF1-BCF8, Bundaberg Foundry, Bundaberg Fowler, clyde, decauville, dh, dick kerr, dm, dobbin, fowler, hudswell clarke, hunslet, jenbach, krauss, malcolmmoore or malcolm moore, lima, orenstein, petrol, pm, ruston, shay, simplex, walkers, etc.

Localities (also often loco names): Alberta, Archer Park, Australia, Babinda, Bauple, Beaudesert, Bingera, BliBli, Bli Bli, Bli-Bli, Brisbane, Caernarfon, Cattle Creek, Coal Branch, Coal Creek, Coalspur, Condong, Coolum, Cuba, Douglas Shire, Dunethin, Ecuador, Eudlo, Fairymead, Far North Q, Farleigh, Ffestiniog, Fiji, Finchhatton, Florida, Foothills, Gin Gin, Goondi, Gregario, Hambledon, Hawaii, Hull Oakes, Huxley, Ida Bay, Inkerman, Innisfail Shire, Invicta, Irvinebank, Isis, Jamaica, Kalamia, Kalan, Lautoka, Llanberis, lucinda, LuscarLtd, Mackay, Mackay Harbour, Macknade, Mapleton Shire, Marian, Maroochy, Maryborough, Melbourne, Mercoal, Miallo, Mia Mia, Millaquin, Moreton, Moreton Mill, Mossman, Mourilyan, Mulgrave, Nambour, Netherdale, Normanton, North Eton, NSW, Penang, Pepito Tey, Pioneer, Plane Creek, Pleystowe, Port Douglas, Porthmadog, Proserpine, Puffing Billy, QR, Qunaba, Racecourse, Rarawai, Robb, Rockhampton, Rocky Point, Shire, South Johnstone, SPSM, Tasmania, Tully, Victoria, Wabamun, Wales, Wallaville, etc.

Rolling stock: bins, bogie bin, brakevan, bridge, carriage, crewcar, drawbridge, drawing, lift bridge, loco shed, navvy, railcar, sugar, tractor, wholestick, etc.

Features: ANGRMS, ASCR, ASIM, John Browning Collection, etc.

Image source: All the images by a single photographer or draughtsman can be accessed using their name as a search term. Some of the larger contributors are Blannin, Browning, Dudman, Dunn, Fainges, Gough, Kleinhapl, Luscar, Stephenson, Szalay, Teichmoeller, Zelmer.

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