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Click on the image at right for a [large] pdf version of Sydney's Chinese Garden of Friendship site plan.

Sydney Garden site plan link

These images, the result of a garden visit in December 2006, roughly progress around the Gardens from the entrance to the tea house.

  • Image: Chinese Lion at main entrance.
  • Image: Dragon Wall, Gift of Guangdong.
  • Image: Limestone Rocks (Dragon rock) containing fossils from west of Sydney near Cumnock.
  • Image: Phoenix rock.
  • Image: Pond life, Lake of Brightness.
  • Image: Moongate, a traditional garden element with one of the limestone sculptures in the distance.
  • Image: A garden visitor.
  • Image: One of the garden's three waterfalls.
  • Image: Wandering Gallery, providing a focus and transition as the visitor climbs the mountain.
  • Image, Image, Image: Clear View Pavillion at the peak of the mountain.
  • Image: Mountain Gate, marking the beginning or the end of a mountain walk.
  • Image: Rock Forest, limestone characters from traditional fables.
  • Image: Boathouse.
  • Image: Back side of Dragon Wall and Lentient Jade Pavillion from Boathouse.
  • Image: Looking across Lotus Pond towards Lentient Jade Pavillion.
  • Image: Back side of Dragon Wall.
  • Image: Garden view.
  • Image: Back side of Dragon Wall from Tea House.
  • Image: Tea House lantern. Home link ZelmerOz Home

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