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Pacific Island totem located at Capricorn International 
	Resort, Yeppoon

Image right: Pacific Island totem located at Capricorn International Resort, Yeppoon.

This is the on-line home of A C Lynn Zelmer and Amy E Zelmer. There are links to resources (our own and those we manage) for education, rail heritage, modelling, etc.

The various components of this and its related sites are maintained either as personal expression or as support for rail heritage, especially the sugar cane railways, of Queensland and other areas of the world.

Resources on these sites are copyright © and have been provided for non-commercial purposes only. Contact lynn @ for all other uses.

Please be patient... we're still (2016) in the midst of site changes that may have disrupted some links. Contact Lynn Zelmer (address below) if you cannot find an image or other resource.

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Rail Heritage

ANGRMS: Operating narrow gauge railway museum, Woodford Qld

Archer Park Rail Museum, Rockhampton Qld

Image Album: Over 11,000 rail heritage images, drawings, etc.


CaneSIG: Resources for sugar cane railway modellers

Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention

CSRM (Capricorn Sugar Rail Museum): a fictional rail museum in model form

Rails around the World: Modelling resources (narrow gauge, timber/logging, etc.)


Lynn Zelmer

    Memories: Some of Lynn's personal digital artwork

    Archives: Articles, publications, conference presentations, etc.

    Tai Chi: AATC evening, Rockhampton 60 & Better and University of the Third Age (U3A) classes in Rockhampton and area

    Yoga Staff: Chinese Yoga Staff Routine

Amy Zelmer, nee Elliott

Jennifer Zelmer

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