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Lynn & Amy Zelmer
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Railways - Prototype/Model

Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention

CaneSIG: Resources for sugar cane railway modellers

CSRM (Capricorn Sugar Rail Museum): a fictional rail museum in model form

Rails around the World: Modelling resources (narrow gauge, timber/logging, etc.)

Rail Heritage Image Album: Over 11,000 rail heritage images, drawings, etc.

Tai Chi/Qigong/Bo Yoga

Tai Chi/Qigong: AATC classes in Rockhampton and area with downloadable resources

Yoga Staff: Chinese Yoga Staff Routine

Downloadable resources include activity notes and video lessons

A selection of memories from over five decades of living, working, travelling and taking photographs.

Memories: Some of Lynn's personal digital artwork

Archives: Articles, publications, conference presentations, etc.

Personal: Lynn, Amy and Jennifer Zelmer.

This is the on-line home of A C Lynn Zelmer and Amy E Zelmer with links to resources for education, rail heritage, modelling, tai chi/Qigong, etc. Resources on this site are copyright © and have been provided for non-commercial purposes only. Contact lynn @ zelmeroz.com for all other uses.

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