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Alberta Coal Branch and area, c1965, Lynn Zelmer, photographer

A PDF file with contact sheets for these black and white is available. Note that locality designations (right) are useful primarily for identifying source negative rolls.

Minimal caption information has been supplied by the photographer. Refer to the contact sheets and colour images (both from Lynn Zelmer and Elmer Holm) elsewhere on this web site for details. E&OE

Original photos have been deposited with the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

Coalspur mine image link

Derelict Coalspur mine buildings, 1965.

Bickerdike: lz_b19.jpg, lz_b20.jpg, lz_b21.jpg, lz_b22.jpg, lz_b23.jpg, lz_b24.jpg, lz_b25.jpg, lz_b26.jpg, lz_b27.jpg, lz_b28.jpg, lz_b29.jpg, lz_b30.jpg, lz_b31.jpg, lz_b32.jpg, lz_b33.jpg, lz_b34.jpg, lz_b35.jpg, lz_b36.jpg, lz_b37.jpg.

Coalspur: lz_c00A1.jpg, lz_c00A2.jpg, lz_c00A3.jpg, lz_c01A.jpg, lz_c02A.jpg, lz_c03A.jpg, lz_c04A.jpg, lz_c05A.jpg, lz_c06A.jpg, lz_c07A.jpg, lz_c08A.jpg, lz_c09A.jpg, lz_c10A.jpg, lz_c11A.jpg, lz_c12A.jpg, lz_c13A.jpg, lz_c14A.jpg, lz_c15A.jpg, lz_c16A.jpg, lz_c17A.jpg, lz_c18A.jpg, lz_c19A.jpg, lz_c20A.jpg, lz_c21A.jpg, lz_c22A.jpg, lz_c23A.jpg, lz_c24A.jpg.

Mercoal: lz_m19A.jpg, lz_m20A.jpg, lz_m21A.jpg, lz_m22A.jpg, lz_m23A.jpg, lz_m24A.jpg, lz_m25A.jpg, lz_m26A.jpg, lz_m27A.jpg, lz_m28A.jpg, lz_m29A.jpg, lz_m30A.jpg, lz_m31A.jpg, lz_m32A.jpg, lz_m33A.jpg, lz_m34A.jpg, lz_m35A.jpg, lz_m36A.jpg.

Robb (mostly Coalspur): lz_r00.jpg, lz_r01.jpg, lz_r02.jpg, lz_r03.jpg, lz_r04.jpg, lz_r05.jpg, lz_r06.jpg, lz_r07.jpg, lz_r08.jpg, lz_r09.jpg, lz_r10.jpg, lz_r11.jpg, lz_r12.jpg, lz_r13.jpg, lz_r14.jpg, lz_r15.jpg, lz_r16.jpg, lz_r17.jpg, lz_r18.jpg, lz_r19.jpg, lz_r20.jpg, lz_r21.jpg, lz_r22.jpg, lz_r23.jpg, lz_r24.jpg, lz_r25.jpg, lz_r26.jpg, lz_r27.jpg, lz_r28.jpg, lz_r29.jpg, lz_r30.jpg, lz_r31.jpg, lz_r32.jpg, lz_r33.jpg, lz_r34.jpg, lz_r35.jpg, lz_r36.jpg, lz_r37.jpg.

CN Bridge: lz_cnbridgepan.jpg (this was (still is??) on the nearby CN mainline).

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